Trading CFDs requires skills, knowledge, and understanding of relevant risks and is not suitable for everyone; Leveraged trading activity involves substantial risk of losing all invested funds within a short time period.


Trade With Insight, Not Impulse

AfriMarkets stands as a reliable partner in the intricate world of Forex trading. We offer a suite of Forex solutions, crafted for accuracy and effectiveness. Our seasoned team, experts in Forex nuances, is committed to guiding our members with valuable insights and support.

Step Up Your Forex Journey

At AfriMarkets, we offer a vast array of currency pairs encompassing major, minor, and exotic options. Our platform is designed for both precision and ease of use, complete with sophisticated charting and analytical tools to aid your Forex trading decisions.

Trade With Assurance

AfriMarkets delivers a clear and effective way to engage with the Forex market. Benefit from competitive spreads and low commission fees to maximize transaction value. Our platform supports leverage up to 1:600, allowing trading opportunities even with modest capital. Additionally, our comprehensive educational resources and exceptional customer support guarantee an informed and well-supported trading experience.

Maximized Gains, Mitigated Risks

At AfriMarkets, the safety of our members is of utmost importance. We employ state-of-the-art security measures to protect your transactions and personal information. Our commitment to industry standards ensures compliance with strict financial regulations, safeguarding your trading experience.

Forex Mastery With AfriMarkets


With leverage up to 600:1, AfriMarkets makes FX trading highly accessible, especially for beginners with limited initial capital.

Flexibility Supreme:

The FX market is open to you 24/5, offering unmatched trading flexibility.

Leverage up to 600:1:

Maximize your trading potential with significant leverage.

Unlocking Potential with Zero Commission Trading

Rich Portfolio:

Access a diverse range of over 80 currency pairs.

Security & Trust:

Rely on AfriMarkets’ rigorous data and platform security measures, backed by licenses across various jurisdictions, for complete data protection.

First-Class Support:

Benefit from our 24/7 multilingual customer support, always ready to help with any inquiries.

7.8% Interest Rate:

Enhance your trading with an attractive interest rate, boosting your profitability potential.

Forex Academy

Forex trading with AfriMarkets offers a gateway to vast online investment opportunities. The straightforward nature of Forex pairs facilitates a quick transition from novice to skilled trading. Acknowledging the critical role of comprehensive knowledge, AfriMarkets presents an extensive collection of free Forex educational materials and tools for all clients. The Forex Academy includes:

Exclusive Trading Courses

Interactive Platform Tutorials

Exclusive E-Books

Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

Live Educational Webinars

Private Sessions with a Market Analyst

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